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**JO de Tokyo 2021 : rattrapé par son passé, un des compositeurs de la cérémonie d’ouverture démissionne**

"A quatre jours de la cérémonie d’ouverture des Jeux olympiques de Tokyo, Keigo Oyamada, qui a composé l’un des thèmes musicaux, a présenté sa démission po…"

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Toyota Cancels Tokyo Olympics TV Ads, CEO Won’t Attend Opening Ceremony . Even big corporations are fed up by Tokyo Olympics … It is getting worse by the hour. 🇯🇵 🔥

Olympic ‘bubble’ plan to halt virus leads to chaos at hotels, airports . 🇯🇵 😷 👍️ Anybody surprised ? Olympic in time of corona is just a logistic nightmare. 🤪 Everybody knew it. As one athlete said : « we’re walking into a covid bomb ». 💣️ At the same time we learned : « Tokyo Olympics may be most profitable ever despite pandemic, NBC says »💵 💵 💵 Sources :

IOC President Calls Japanese Hosts 'Chinese People' at Pre-Olympics Presser 🇯🇵 👋 👍️ 😡

**Covid-19 : le Japon s’apprête à réinstaurer l’état d’urgence sanitaire**

"Ces nouvelles dispositions seront mises en place pendant toute la durée des Jeux olympiques de Tokyo, qui débutent le 23 juillet."

#actualité #bot

Two workers inside the village have tested positive for Covid-19 in a massive blow to organisers just two weeks before the opening ceremony. We just talk about it last night !! How is that possible ? They promised safe olympic. 🤞 😷 😡 Ah yes it was before Tokyo election last weekend …. 🥴

"A Toyota spokesman told me the company 'supports candidates based on their position on issues that are important to the auto industry and the company.'"

Cool. I buy cars based on issues that are important to me, like fuel efficiency, safety, environmental impact, reliability, features, and whether the manufacturer is undermining our democracy.

No more #Toyota vehicles then.

Opinion | Drive the all-new Toyota Paranoia, Official Car of the Jan. 6 Insurrection - the automaker has bankrolled the insurrectionists in Congress more than any other company:

considers ban on spectators, prepares state of emergency for . Olympic Games during a state of emergency. For sure it will stay in the history books. What could go wrong ? Japan will only host 100000 visitors from abroad packed in a tiny olympic village while delta variant is spreading 👋 What a smart idea 👍️

After trying to help someone diagnose some network problems with their OPENSTEP VM I decided to try in it. It's a search engine and intermediate renderer so modern web that isn't too JS based can run on older computers, even an Apple II. #RetroComputing

#BTC consumption is down 20% since ATH, because of recent crash and ban in China. This spares 10 millions tons of CO2 / y : 2x what the entire fleet of Tesla "saves" each year.

Before this, BTC consumption was on track to surpass Australia's : 210 TWh/y

About 10,000 Tokyo Olympic volunteers have quit with Games closing in 🇯🇵 Seriously let s cancel those games. Only IOC cares about them ( especially the few billions in broadcast fees )

Japan Olympic official dies after jumping in front of train 🇯🇵 So sad, he was only 52yrs old. Those games are such a waste of time, money and lives .

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