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Very happy to share with the fediverse that beautiful sunset we have tonight, and an amazing view of mount Fuji from the Shonan coast. Happy new year 2022 from Japan ! 🇯🇵

I got worried with the on going heatwave in about my dogs getting . I bought some switchbot meters ( temperature + humidity) to monitor the rooms in my house and I also put one in the car on the parking to get some warning if it is too hot . Below the chart … 51c / 33% at 1pm…if you have kids or pets plz be extra careful !

My tiny mastodon instance is cut off from the fediverse for the past 2 dns due to an issue with my domain registration. 😡 🤪 That is not fun tooting to myself …. In the meantime I learnt a lot about DNS … I discovered that site . Very useful to test you domain names registration. Mine is gone ! 🥲 Hopefully support will fix the issue soon..

Tokyo compression season 2 : Someone walking on the tracks between 2 stations…. desperately wanting to go back home after a week of work. I guess my friday night is ruined… Stucks for the past 2h waiting for my train …. 🤪 😡 👹 💣️

He's trying to hide his excitement for the official pixelfed mobile app!

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la journée commence bien 🇫🇷 SUTOM #127 2/6


“We will overcome everything.

And we know this for sure, because our military and all our people are descendants of those who overcame Nazism. So they will win again.

And there will be peace again. Finally again!”

🇫🇷 dans la série des petits jeux sympas je viens de découvrir Parfait pour réviser sa géographie.

J’adore ce jeu ! 🇫🇷 SUTOM #121 3/6


@wilw Little known fact: data stored in AWS Glacier storage is simply printed out on old punchcards and shelved in stores like this one...hence the slightly slower retrieval times. 😉

Took that photo in . That scene was in front of a restaurant. I do not really know what is the meaning of it but it was kind of fun.

Concrete Cathedral : I took those photos under the E1A expressway on nagashima in nagoya, . Most of the expressway are elevated in japan. I do not really know why ? easier to rebuild after earthquake? better usage of the available space ? it looks very expensive to me …

Outside view of the granary ( not sure of the word in english ) which has been preserved and restored. Very typical building in the countryside in but most of them have been tear down.

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Building new with Old : in it is very common to rebuild your house every 40 years in average for various reasons : natural disasters, humidity ( most houses are made with wood ) etc.. However it is also very common to reuse so part of the old building as material for the new one, like beams, stones etc. In Okayama I visited an house which has been rebuild 20 years ago. The initial building was built more than a century ago.

We’re getting closer to the end of Golden Week. While heading back to from Okayama where we spent a few days, I realized that more and more Service Areas are becoming friendly in especially on the Shin-Tomei Expressway , which is a relieve when you have to travel 800km with your dog… Here Theo with a bunch of new friends

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